“I can see clearly now the rain is gone….”. The Words to this song rang so loudly in my head as I began to ask questions of God and myself.  What? Did I just read that? So you mean to tell me…?! These are just a few of the queries I made of the Holy Spirit as I began to study the scriptures for myself.  Truthfully, it was if a veil was removed from my face and I could finally see clearly.  I was refreshed.  I was relieved. I was excited because honestly I had begun to grow a little weary of the routine-ness of the religious church.  I had said to myself,  “If this was all there was I was not anticipating much.”  Instantly, however, when the light was able to break through the years of religious dogma I had believed I was able to get excited about learning more about this “gospel of Christ”.  The more I studied the more it spoke to me and transformed my way of living and thinking.  I wanted to tell everyone about the freedom and liberty of the Cross. Christ came to redeem me from the bondage of sin and the law and brought as its replacement an overflowing “Phenomenal Life”!! So, if you were like me disillusioned by religion, join me on this epic journey of discovery.


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