Living on Purpose!

There’s no one like you! You are “….fearfully and wonderfully made…”. (Psalm 39:14)

You were given a very specific set of qualities and skills that are unique. You are not a carbon copy!  When God created you He was intentional and had a clear purpose in mind.  The problem occurs when we try to determine what that purpose and plan could be.  I know frustrating right?!

Here are some ways you can come closer to understanding what is that THING. What is your purpose?

God wants you to enjoy the life He’s given you.

That’s right! God created all things for us to enjoy. Labor and toil are not to be the norm for the believer.  In fact, laboring by the sweat of your brow is actually part of the curse. Ooooh, yeah I said it…CURSE. Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden and instead of having everything provided for them or easily accessible to them they were now forced to work for everything the hard way; through labor and toil. Because of the But, Jesus redeemed us from the curse on the cross.  Isn’t that good news?! You now have a right to enjoy doing whatever it is you do.  It is actually part of the Blessing of the Lord.

God is always speaking.

The question is are we hearing Him? As children we learned to play pretend and we allowed our imaginations to run wild. I believe that God was giving us a glimpse into our future purpose and destiny. Encoded in our spiritual DNA is the blueprint for our destiny, However, life experiences often dull our ability to dream and we relegate to living in survival mode.

Listen to your heart!

What is it that makes your heart leap with excitement? What makes you happy? Complete this sentence. I feel most fulfilled when I am doing__________? This is important.  Often the THING that you could and may often do without pay is often tied to your purpose. Do you enjoy children? Does your heart ache for persons contemplating suicide? Do you volunteer to serve food in the homeless shelters? Search your heart for the answer. God is not trying to keep us in a state of limbo and uncertainty.  On the contrary.  His takes pleasure in seeing us do what He has created us to do. Imagine if the Wright Brothers worked all those years and spent countless amounts of money to create the airplane only to have it be used as a plant bed in a garden.  Maybe we can say that this could be considered abuse. Hmmm…using something or someone for what it was NOT created.

This is the your chance!

You only have this one life.  This is the life you’ve been given.  God has given us equal opportunity to be great. We have no excuse. Sure, we could sit around and create excuses for not living up to our potential but if those excuses were valid then there would never be a person to excel with those same dysfunctions. However, we know that is not true. Everyday people from every level of defeatism, race, financial  and other wack backgrounds have overcome and risen to high levels of achievement. This is your chance.

You can no longer wait for others to validate or approve you.

Know that God has approved you.  In fact, 2 Corinthians 1: 20 declare that “…All the promises of God are Yes and through him Amen. ”  What does that mean? It means that every blessing is available to us because of Christ.  We can no longer declare defeat.  We have been given access to the mind of Christ.  Therefore, our opportunities are limitless and can only be limited by us through unbelief.

Leap! You’ll be okay!

Christ has made it possible for us to never be defeated on a single score. So don’t trust in your ability trust Him. God through the Holy Spirit will speak thoughts, concepts and ideas to our heart, They may seem impossible to your mind at first. But, trust your heart.  You must not be afraid. If God shows it to you obey your heart….take the LEAP!  When you walk upon the waters just know that God will always sustain you.  You will triumph. You will find your life is more fulfilling and happy. Why? Because you will have found your purpose.

Much Love,






4 thoughts on “Living on Purpose!

  1. How did u no I was just about to drop it all( eyes are full) but you just gave me more hope and not to give up 🙌👏🙏

    1. Wow! Tamela I understand. We all need encouragement every now and again. That is what the Father wanted me to do because He knew you needed this. You’ve already got this!

      Much Love,
      Alnita Johnson

  2. Grace and peace dear Sister. Loved the article. For at least a year I have been going back and forth about blogging. I attempted to “be the first to like” your article and ran right into signing up to create my own blog. The Almighty has a way of walking you into his plan. So please check out my blog – Blessings. I guess I should say thank you ( You’ll understand when you read my blog lol)

    1. Renee, I believe that God is using me as a fires starter, so to speak, because you are not the first to say they were inspired to finally do what they had been putting off. This is okay with me. It’s all about becoming what the Father has purposed all along anyway.
      Much Love,
      Alnita Johnson

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