Tag Your’re It!

When we were children we would play a game called Tag.  The object of the game would be to tag your opponent and transfer the power for winning or losing over to them.  It was a game of transferred responsibility.  You didn’t want to be responsible for tagging individuals because the goal was to make it to base before they tagged you.  So, everyone is running wildly all over the place trying to escape being tagged. The problem is that now even though we are adults, we are still trying to avoid being tagged or being responsible. Man from the creation has sought to place blame or the responsibility for his or her actions on others. Remember, Adam, when questioned by God about who told them to eat from the tree Adam quickly replied, it was Eve’s fault.  The Hebrews, even after Moses lead them out of slavery, placed blame on Moses because they had to rely on an invisible God.  It is human nature to displace blame.

How many childhood memories do we all have of telling our parents that it was our siblings fault that something was broken? Well, if you were like me, you have many. (LOL)  But, our “Elder Brother” Jesus, took the blame for us. He volunteered to take the blame for every wrong committed by us all.  Wow! So, when Father God looks to place the blame for the mess we had made, we give him a pitifully sad look and from the back of the room, Jesus raises his hand to say, It was me! He takes the brunt of our punishment in pain, torment, loneliness and shame so that the Father could freely express His love for us. What an awesome love exchange! But that’s not all.

Yes, Jesus died in our place. Yes, Jesus took all our shame and guilt. But, there was also a great exchange.  He was tagged with our filthiness and He tagged us with all of His power and love.  Jesus, while on the Earth demonstrated His love in many miraculous ways. He was busy tagging others with the Father’s love and acceptance, so to speak.  After His death, burial, resurrection and His ascension back to Heaven He left us a mandate. So, in essence He tagged us.  So, tag…You’re it!  Jesus is now seated at the right of the Father in heaven and now it’s our turn.  He is officially at home base.  Yes, He will return but he has left us to carry out the Father’s business the business of tagging or touching others with His love.

Boy that sounds like a huge responsibility. But in that transfer not only did Jesus take our sin but He went us His Spirit to enable us to do all that the Father desires. So, start tagging someone with His amazing Love.  Let’s yield to the Father’s Will. So, Tag…You’re it! It’s your turn.

Much Love,



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