“…A Dime if you tell me that you love me”

I remember my kindergarten years at Clarence Poe Elementary circa 1976, there was a little boy in my class named Kevin. He was so handsome and kind to me.  I can say that at the age of 7, I had a crush on him.  I would get “butterflies” in my stomach when he came into the classroom. When I came to school, I would make it
my goal to play with him on the playground or sit next to him during circle time. However, with everything good comes opposition.  You see, there were other little girls, just like me, competing for his attention. I began to measure myself against the others.  Some I considered to be prettier, or smarter.  This summation, however, didn’t deter me from my goal to get close to “the one I loved”, howbeit from afar…lol. So, I devised a plan.

Everyday my parents would give me money for lunch.  And As fate would have it, I had a bit left over.  So, on this particular day I decided this would be my chance! This would be the day that I would be the one chosen.  I reached in my pocket, and pulled out a dime. I whispered to him across the circle that we were seated in and asked him, ” Do you want a dime?”.  He said yes.  And for the first time, I felt noticed!  As I sit here writing this story so much emotion is welling up inside me because I remember that time so vividly.  Because, even though I had gotten his attention,  it didn’t last long.  I didn’t have extra money everyday to give him.  And it was on those days that I felt invisible and unimportant to him.  I didn’t have anything to give.

Isn’t that how we have operated so many times in our lives? We give what we may or may not have in hopes of getting attention or more specific,… love. This is even how we’ve been trained to operate with respect to our God. Religion has taught us that we have to get God’s attention.  He is so high above us and has more serious things to attend to that if we don’t come up to His high standards of performance, by either giving extreme amounts of time or money, we can easily be forgotten. Think about some of the songs many Believers sing in worship services all around the world like “Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Savior”. These lyrics express that we are so insignificant that we must beg for a sliver of the Father’s attention, “…while on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by”. We sing these songs as if our Heavenly Father has Dementia. I have even heard some preachers say that God doesn’t want to concern himself with the small issues because we can handle those. We had to have something big for Him to get involved.

I really believed that until I had a “light bulb” moment.  The Word began to be illuminated in me by Holy Spirit as it pertained to the relationship the father wanted to have with us, His children. Finally, I understood that God loved us so much that He sent a sacrifice that would forever dismantle the division that existed between Him and us.  Christ’s “finished work” on the cross made it possible for the Father to shower us with His unending, unconditional love. Before Christ, man would have to pay to be in His presence because  the “price of sin” was great. After Christ, our Heavenly Father was able to be lovingly attentive even about the little things like my food and clothing (Matt 6:30-31). Yeah, My Father is concerned about the clothes I wear and food I eat so much that He tells me not to be concerned because He’s already made provision. Isn’t that awesome!! He is a doting Father who always has time for me.

This should encourage you to take another look at how we respond to our Father. Do you feel insignificant? Do you feel like a burden? Well, I want you to read the scriptures again and I pray that the light of the Holy Spirit would flood your heart until you feel his overwhelming love for you and all your concerns. You are so important to Him that He, through Christ, has become one with the Believer and can never be separated. He guarantees He would never leave us. This is the mystery of Christ and the Church!! He is one with all who believe.

So, put away your loose change and walk in confidence knowing that your Heavenly Father loves you. Leap into His arms and rest.

Much Love,
Alnita Johnson